JS Pump Electric Submersible Pumps

JS Pump Series 

JS JST Submersible Water Drainage Pumps, 

RS RST Submersible Water Drainage Pumps, Top Outlet,

RSD Submersible Low Level Residue Water Drainage Pumps, Puddle Suckers,

RS RST AL Submersible Water Circulation Propeller Pumps,

JS JST SV Submersible Sewage Waste Water Vortex Impeller Pumps,

JS JST SK Submersible Sewage Shredder Pumps,

GS GST Submersible Sewage Grinder Pumps,

JS JST KB KZN Submersible Sand Sludge Silt and Slurry Pumps.

JS Pumps has been serving many different industries with its high quality 

submersible pumps since established in 1988 and has grown

 remarkably by supplying a wide range of models to meet many

 different kinds of applications.

JS is a ISO 9001, CE, GS, and CSA C/US certified company.

 JS Submersible Pumps have gained success and recognition in

 wastewater/sewage dewatering for industrial, municipal and domestic services

 as well as heavy duty sand/slurry dewatering for mining,

 aggregate and steel industries throughout the world. 

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JS Pump Series (Click on images below)

JS Pump Submersible Water Drainage PumpsJS Pump Submersible Water Drainage Pumps
JS Drainage Pumps 
RS Top Outlet Drainage Pumps 
RSD Low Level Puddle Pumps 
JS Pump Submersible Sewage and Waste Water PumpsJS Pump Submersible Sewage and Waste Water PumpsSV Vortex Impeller Pumps 
SK Shredder Pumps  
GS Grinder Pumps 
JS Pump Submersible Water Circulation PumpsJS Pump Submersible Water Circulation Pumps
RS AL Circulation Pumps 
JS Pump Submersible Sand Sludge Slurry PumpsJS Pump Submersible Sand Sludge Slurry Pumps
KZN Industrial Pumps 
KB Industrial Pumps 
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